What is Alovang?

Alovang is the first online sales website in Hanoi that gathers products from different Vietnamese distributors and that offers free and immediate delivery. Our website lists more than 200 products from different partners all around Hanoi.

We focus on providing personalized guidance in wine choosing through our innovative and easy to use research tools.

How does it work?

To order on Alovang you first need to register on our web site and type in your contact information (email, delivery address, phone, etc.). Once you found the products that suit you and added them to your cart, let us know that your order is ready.

We will call you back immediately to process your order and deliver it to you for free, wherever you need in Hanoi and whenever you want. Payment will be due at the delivery time in cash.

Where Alovang comes from?

We met many wine enthusiasts who were facing a lack of information when they wished to buy wine. The lack of information and advices regarding wine is a real issue we want to address with Alovang.com.

With an online brasserie, we want to make wine more accessible to a larger number of people. And trust us, even if wine is still a luxury product, you can find here some very good deals!

What’s new with Alovang?

Not only Alovang offers you the possibility to check out more than 200 references from different distributors with one single platform, but it also allows you to sort all those refences with 4 new data filters. Let us make your life way easier!

Are the prices the same on Alovang.com and the other distributor’s website?

Yes. We always make sure the retail price is the same between Alovang and the partner’s shops.

Who is paying the deliveries?

Delivery costs are paid and shared by the distributors. The delivery is free for all customers.

How are the stock managed?

Each distributor manages his own stock. Alovang is doing his best to make sure the products listed on our web site are available in our partner’s shops.

Do we offer discounts?

Our team is doing his best to ensure our partner’s discounts are impacted on Alovang web site’s prices with no delays.

What are the delivery times?

Orders will be delivered between one to four hours after the confirmation call. The delivery time can also be chosen to a later date in the week, depending on the customer’s needs.

How can Alovang help other businesses?

Thanks to its website, Alovang can help wine distributors from Hanoi to sell more wine thanks to the practical aspect of our website and its filters. Customers will use our platform to make sure to buy the right bottle and being one of our partners will assure you a good visibility on the Hanoi market.

Moreover, Alovang can also sell its filters to businesses willing to use them on their private catalog. In that case, businesses can use our filters on their own website to help their loyal customers.

What should I do if the product ordered is not the one received?

We strongly advise you to check your order with our delivery man to make sure you were delivered the good products. If you were to notify any matter (bottle missing, damaged label, etc.) during the verification, the order would be sent back to our offices. After some verifications by our team, we will send you the right order in the best delays. Be careful, we don’t exchange opened bottles!

What should I do if my wine is corked?

Don’t worry! If one of your bottle were corked, as it can happen, a delivery man will take it back to our offices. Our specialist will taste the wine and confirm it is corked. If it is the case, we will deliver you a new bottle, totally free of charge.

Is Alovang in competition with the other wine distributors?

Alovang works hand in hand with the distributors all around Hanoi. We are also always happy to work with new businesses and to list their products on our web site!