Alovang is the first online sales website in Hanoi that gathers products from different vietnamese distributors and that offers free and immediate delivery.

We focus on providing personalized guidance in wine choosing through our innovative and easy to use research tools


Our primary concern is to provide you a tailored-made and exclusive service to satisfy your specific needs.

We make sure to deliver high quality imported wine. We work side by side with our partners to carefully select our products to make sure they match all criteria of quality and safety.


I am Julien and I have been the owner of a wine bar in Hanoi for one and a half year. During that time, I met many wine enthusiasts who were facing a lack of information when they wished to buy wine in Hanoi. The need for more advice appeared to be a real issue that I want to adress with Alovang.

With an online shop, I want to make it more accessible to a large number of people. And trust me, even if wine is still a luxury product, you can find here some very good deals !


Once you found the products that suit you, and added them to your cart, go to your cart and log in your personal details.

We call you back immediately to process your order and deliver it to you for free, wherever you need in Hanoi and whenever you want.